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Do NOT do business with Data Depot. I bought an email list and email marketing services.

I sent 30,000 emails out and their own statistics reveal that NOT ONE EMAIL was opened. So either it's a bad list or their email service is poor. When I asked about what happened, I was told by a manager that they "cannot guarantee results." They hide behind a contract the customer is asked to sign which agrees that nothing is refundable. A quick Internet search shows THEY'VE BEEN SCAMMING people like this for a long time.


Monetary Loss: $209.

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New Delhi, Delhi, India #693357

So here we go..We think that the list of email is the ticket to quick money. We spend some $100-$150 and want to convert it into thousands.

Who is wrong? The data seller or the buyer.

What happens if I buy a 500,000 email addresses and send a marketing mail to all of them?

Will I end up generating 500 sales?

Of course not. Aren't you aware of spam filtering tools of all ESPs?

First learn to use your list well and it is not as easy as buying a software then shooting thousands of emails :p

Do not blame the vendor.


Wow, you sound angry and SICK. Hmmmm, wonder who wrote this...

could it be CHAD and TOM from Data Depot?????? Get help!


Hey Debsherm, are you in a tall building? Can you get to the roof? JUMP you ***king piece of sh it.

Is there any way you can into a sharp knife or something and save us all from your *** scam emails?

Debsherm is human garbage.


*** Debsherm. You are the *** of the Earth. You don't deserve to be alive. You piece of dog sh1t.

And a quick internet search showed you their bad work, but your incompetence prevented you from doing this BEFORE PAYING THEM MONEY. It's just a quick internet search you id10t.

You and all email scammers, telemarketers, and the money grubbing people you work for can all go FU CK YOURSELF.

You have no common decency. Nobody wants to get an email from you, that's why you have to pay for email addresses. I'm so glad that a scammer like you got scammed, hahahahahahha.

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